Abbey's Gort na Ceirce

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Maeve Lynch

This small green-field site seemed an ideal place to erect the hen house.

Suitable site

Plans were discussed, materials purchased and with great help and the expertise of our Community Employment workers a start was made on the project.


Before too long the hen house had taken shape.

Hen House takes shape

A roof was added, windows and door were visible and flower boxes made the house attractive and welcoming.  The site was well secured and we awaited the arrival of the first hens.

Adding the finishing touches

The first hens arrive

Opening the door to the morning sunlight

Surveying the surroundings

Getting to know each other

The First Egg appears

A special Feeding Area was created next door to the hen house.

Local children christened the hens and called the area ‘Pecker’s Park’!

One of the aims of the project was to encourage people to donate their food waste as feed for the hens. A special recycling area was added to hold empty buckets to take home for food waste and then return. There was space for recycled egg boxes for anyone who wanted to take home six fresh free-range eggs for €2.  A donation ‘honesty’ box was left and money received is used to cover additional feed for the hens.

Recycling Area

Recycled egg boxes to take home eggs

Carved Stone placed in front of the hen house was donated by local stonemason Martin McDonagh.

Winning Project in the Environmental Awards Section – all photos courtesy Maeve Lynch

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