Hutchinson Family Photographs

Linking Hutchinsons/Slatterys/Wrights

Photos courtesy: Joanie Comer Durgin USA and Michael Wright UK

Josie Slattery’s wedding in St Joseph’s, Bedford, UK

Left to Right: Alan Wright; Mary Slattery Wright; Michael Wright (Pageboy); Jimmy McCaffrey (Groom); Josie Slattery (Bride); Bridget Slattery nee Hutchinson (Mother of Bride); Bridie Slattery (Cousin), Tynagh; Robert Wright (Pageboy); John Slattery (Josie’s brother); Mikey Slattery (Cousin) Tynagh.

Mary Slattery Wright visits Boston.  Photo taken in Joan Comer’s house. Left to Right: Joan Marie Comer – Joanie; Mary Wright; Joan Comer daughter of Patrick Hutchinson.

Nellie Holden Hutchinson and Bridget Hutchinson Slattery

Bridget and Michael Slattery, Abbey

Nellie Holden Hutchinson, Bridie Slattery, Josie Slattery, Bridget Hutchinson Slattery

Paddy Hutchinson – on holidays in Abbey, proudly wearing his hurling medals on his watch chain.

Fr James with his father Paddy Hutchinson taken in their USA home.


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  • Uncle Paddy stated “Hockey’s a girls game “while surrounded by trophy’s medals and his weary bones …most of which had taken a thrashing on the Hurling pitch .. Our team from Leaside [ Toronto ] went to Boston during Presidents week to South Shore hockey tournaments in 1972 73 74, I was blessed to meet the “old Curmudgeon ” he was a pillar of strenght and a mountain of attitude.

    By bernard McCaffrey (21/12/2022)

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