My Great Grandparents' China

Wedding Present in 1947

Lucy Mahony

This picture shows three pieces from a china set from my Nannie’s house.  It was a gift to her parents – my great grandparents – on their wedding day in March 1947 from their bridesmaid.

A set of china was a typical wedding gift in those days.  China was not for everyday use but instead was kept in the ‘good room’, sometimes called the parlour or the ‘dining room’. Normally it was kept in a cabinet with glass doors.  It was used for special occasions like family get-togethers and station Masses.  A station Mass is when neighbours from a townland come to one’s family house for Mass.  After Mass they served tea in the china cups and on the plates there would have been boiled eggs and brown bread.  After that the guests would have been treated to something sweet such as homemade apple pie or fruit cake.

After being carefully washed, the china tea set was returned safely back to the glass cabinet and this is where it would stay until the next special occasion.

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  • This is a beautiful set of china. I always thought tea tasted much nicer drinking from a china cup!

    By Pauline (08/07/2018)

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