Morning Hours

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Delia Mahon - 5th or 6th class student



Morning is the time when strength is renewed, the brain made active and energy regained.

Everyone loves to take a long refreshing walk early in the morning before the toil of the day commences, especially people whose brains will be kept actively at work for the coming day.  Even the beasts of the field walk along under the shady hedges, eating the fragrant grass as they go by, enjoying the morning breezes and then they lie down for the rest of the day until the cool of evening comes.

How delightful is the morning when all nature is fresh and beautiful.  When you look towards the east you behold one of the most glorious sights of nature.  There is the sun just above the horizon reflecting all its shades and splendours in the calm, peaceful waters underneath.  There is nothing that crowns the sight of morning like having a lake or river near for the grass and trees on the bank, reflect themselves in the waters with the large bright globe of fire known as the sun accompanying them.

At this time of the morning all is in hushed silence except the birds which are on the wing bright and early to greet the cloudless morning, sending forth their sweet songs across the waters, which seem to be taken up by the morning breezes straight to Heaven to glorify God for such happiness.

Next to the sun come the flowers with their many shades and colours which are also ready to greet the morning, giving our their fragrant perfumes to the world.  The grass is covered over with pretty dew drops so that if you walk on it you will leave marks with your feet as you go along.  Some people whose crops have been damaged by wild animals are able to track them in the dew and then they will know what kind of animal is the trespasser.

No time of the day possesses so many beauties as that of the morning and therefore all delicate people are ordered to take walks in the morning before the noise and traffic of the day begins or the pure air is made unwholesome by many gases out of factories and other different buildings.

Signed and Dated:  Brigid Ní Mathamháin  2nd Mí Nodhlaig 1907     (2nd December 1907)

Teacher’s comment:  “Is deas an alt é seo!”


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