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Delia Mahon 5th or 6th class student


There is no one in the world let him be either rich or poor who has not got a pet of his own.  It may be the gentle little lamb frisking sportively upon the green grass under the hot sun.  It may be a little might of a bird who although looks to small would surprise you by the sweetness of its voice.  How a little pet bird will cheer a sick room by its sweet songs and make the day seem to speed by, making the person’s pains and unhappiness much lighter as he forgot them for a moment listening to the melodies of the little creature.

Some people, especially children choose their pets among the flowers and love to care for them by all possible means, watering them in the summer months when the scorching sun has them parched up.  How she loves to pluck some mice fragrant ones and put them in a vase in her room.  What pleasure seizes her when she opens the door and the beautiful odour meets her.  How she will take her friends to see her flower garden and boast of how she cares for them,

The faithful dogs of which many courageous stories are told are others to be numbered among our pets.  They guard our houses during the dark, dreary nights and may be found waiting patiently until morning, till they see their friends who are sure to give them a nice warm breakfast.

Dated and signed: 18mad Deireadh Foghmhar ’07    Brighid Ní Mathamáin  (!8th October 1907 – Delia Mahon)

Teacher’s Comment:  Which is your Pet?


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