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Delia Mahon - 5th or 6th class student



The subject in school I like best is ‘writing’.  It is said that writing is almost as important as speaking, because every man, whatever his position in life may be, must have constant occasion to convey his thoughts, his wishes, his complaints, his desires in writing; and unless that writing be plain and easily read, with the letters well formed, so that a person can read that writing without trouble or delay, it fails by disgusting those who try to read it.

Its importance to children attending our schools cannot be estimated, for it is the passport to all employments.  If a child is a good hand writer it adds to the credit of both her school and teacher.

It is one of the subjects which come oftenest under the parents eyes and is the test by which they judge the instructions their children get at school.

In olden times many a school’s reputation was judged entirely by the hand-writing of its pupils.


Editor’s Note:  Above Essay is from Delia Mahon’s 1906-1907 school year copybook


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