The Sea

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Delia Mahon 5th or 6th class student




It is difficult to estimate all the water contained in the sea.  It occupies three times as much of the earth as that of the land.

It is a great inexhaustible fountain of water into which the sea gulls and other birds take so much delight.  How it refreshes them to plunge into its cool waters on a hot Summer day.

The sea is of great value to us, if we had not the sea, we would have to do without rain and that would be an impossibility, the vegetables as well as animals would die of drought.  It is from the sea that the sun’s rays draw up the vapour and send it back again to the earth in the form of rain, snow and dew.  The dew falls on our flowers and shrubs and makes them fresh looking; and therefore they display their hues much nicer early in the morning before the covetous sun has the cool, damp dew taken away, than in the middle of the day.  The dew falls in the fine summer evenings and brings a fresh store of honey for the bee, which is gathered the following day and is laid up in the winter’s store.

It is very valuable to delicate people, as the doctor orders a great many of them to the sea.  They may not have to bathe or take baths but still its delightful breezes are so powerful that it strengthens them.  Little children love to play on its sands dotted over with pretty shells, one surpassing the other in shape and colour.  How they love to scale the high rocks gathering cockles and then jumping down on the soft shining sand.

Dated:  – 8th October 1907


Editor’s Note:  Above Essay is from Delia Mahon’s 1907-1908 school year copybook


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