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Politeness is one of the virtues most essential to a happy life, because no matter what occupation a person may occupy, she is never liked, or will never get on in that situation unless she be polite.  People are said to be polite when they never hurt another’s feelings, when they try to share their happiness with the unhappy and not be unselfish or fault finding.

Of all the places on earth we visit, there is no place like home and no other way can that home be made so happy as when all members of the family try to help and please each other in the necessities of life.  It is said charity begins at home, politeness should begin there also.

It often happens that children who seem to be very polite at school and away from their homes are rough and ill-mannered to their sisters and brothers, and very often to their parents who sometimes find it very hard to procure food for them and send them regularly to school.  And all they have in the end for their toils and labours is impudence.  Such children as these seem to wear all smiles away from home and none for those who are nearest and dearest to them and who love them.

It is a mark of politeness for sisters and brothers to help each other at their studies etc.  Children should be taught to be polite at table, especially while young – and then it will come easy to them when older.


Dated:  29-2-1907

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