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Delia Mahon 5th or 6th class student



Trees are valued because of their shade, and for their beauty, when they are covered with leaves and flowers, and also during the winter months when they are covered with snow and ice.

The oak, cherry and pine tree are converted to furniture.  The fruit trees are valued for their fruit as – the apple, plum, cherry, pear etc.  Some trees are also valued for sap or juice as the pitch pine which yields a juice called “resin” which is turned into turpentine, the sap of the maple is useful too.

These trees also befriend the little birds by giving them shelter, they also build their nests there.

If you ever take a walk along by a wood you will hear them almost straining their little voices with song, they are so light hearted and happy among the branches and flowers of the beautiful trees.

Trees should never be destroyed; on the other hand they should be cultivated.  A house never looks as nice as one that has trees, shrubs and flowers growing around it.  They draw the birds with their sweet songs around the place.  And bring the active little bee, humming among the flowers in the still Summer evenings when all other insects and animals are silent.

Let us walk amongst them on such evenings when the moon is traversing the heavens, they will bring to our minds gratitude towards God who gave us so freely such beautiful things.

Dated: 16th September 1907


Editor’s Note:  Above Essay is from Delia Mahon’s 1907-1908 school year copybook


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