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Politeness is an ease and grace of manners with a desire to please others by all possible means and careful attention to their wishes and wants.  It demands from us, unselfishness in our cares for the pleasures of others, elegance of manner in our desire to please others.  Respect for our superiors, whether in age, station or importance.  Kindness to our inferiors, whether children or servants.  Some children are allowed to say and do as they like to the servants in the house but they should be taught to be very kind and polite to them and try and help them with their work.

Politeness is very valuable, it proves a good heart and finished education, it urges us to give respect where it is due and helps us to win the gratitude of all around us.  It is of two kinds namely – natural and acquired.  Natural politeness comes from the heart, even though a person may never go to school or be instructed.  Still he may possess natural politeness and therefore it may be found among the rough and uneducated as well as with the scholar.  Acquired politeness comes from good breeding and good education and may sometimes act as a cover for a hard and selfish heart.

If children are not polite and well educated, it is nearly always their parents that are to be blamed, for if the parents are polite so will the children.  But sometimes it happens that the children when sent to school do not do their business there, or try to improve themselves and then they are to be blamed.  And when they go out into the world they will see how backward they are and wish they made better use of their school time in trying to be polite and nice mannered.

Politeness in children and young people is one of the most winning and graceful qualities that they can possess.  Everyone takes notice of a nice polite child especially one that is polite at table.

Signed and Dated:   Brigid Ní Mathamháin   16 mad Mí Nodhlaig 1907  (16th December1907)

Teacher’s comment:  Go maith!

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