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Music is one of the greatest pleasures known to human beings.  It is an enjoyment that can be appreciated at any time and in any place.

It has great power over man, no matter how savage a heart maybe, it becomes softened at the sound of some familiar air.  And when this is true how much comfort and consolation must it bring to the refined heart.

Music is very attractive, even a poor fiddler on the street, in order to earn a few pence will attract a crowd.  The smallest child naturally goes towards the place where it hears the sweet sounds proceed from.  The child’s first sense of pleasure is the mother’s cradle song.  When the child grows to be a man he still loves music and in his old age nothing gives as much pleasure as to hear the songs and airs he loved when a boy.

Soldiers worn, weak and weary; exiles faint, lone and dreary are both cheered by the consoling “voice of music”.

Music takes a part in every phase of life, for at the rich man’s dazzling banquet and in the poor man’s cottage dim, there is no merriment or enjoyment without music.  It is one of the chief consolations of the blind, because if they cannot see, they can hear its sweet encouraging sound.

Music is of two kinds, Vocal and Instrumental.  Vocal is of different kinds – Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass etc.  Instrumental may also be of different kinds as – Piano, Violin, Harmonium, Organ etc.

Music is the best thing for making us forget our troubles and filling our minds with consoling thoughts.


Editor’s Note:  Above Essay is from Delia Mahon’s 1906-1907 school year copybook


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